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Frequently asked questions

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What is access and parking at the property like?
Access is via a bumpy track, with plenty of parking for 3 cars. The access track is perfectly manageable by normal cars (slowly!) four-wheeled drive is not required.

What bedding or towels are required?
Duvet inners, blankets and pillows are supplied, so guests will need to bring their own duvet covers, bottom sheets, pillow cases, bath/beach towels, hand towels and tea towels.

Can you use normal appliances with solar power?
Yes, the power produced by the solar panels is converted by an inverter to the usual 230v, with perfectly normal 3-pin sockets. However, high demand items like electric fan heaters are not to be encouraged please.

Is the water from the bore hole drinkable?
Given that the water supply is untreated, we recommend that guests should use bottled water for drinking.

Are consumables included in the rental cost?
Only the oil for the Rayburn. All other consumables like loo roll, logs, coal, kindling, etc must be supplied by you. Please ensure that you don't use the last of any of these items (particularly the loo roll!) so that there is at least some left for the next people in.

Is there heating at the cottage?
Yes, but very limited. Whilst there is a Rayburn running continuously in the dining room, the two radiators it runs upstairs are only gravity fed, and are therefore luke warm at best! There is also a woodburner in the sittingroom downstairs, but no other heating available upstairs. Bringing fan heaters is NOT a good idea, as they make too much of a drain on the solar system - sorry.

Is this the cottage used in Sam Penkinpah's film Straw Dogs?
Yes, most of the outside shots were filmed at this property (called 'Trenchers Farm' in the film), but most of the inside filming was done in a studio set elsewhere.
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